Room for the Family

Many times young couples both work to save for a house, and they envision the future family they will create living in it. They often...


Let in the Light

It might seem it should be high on the list of decisions, but choosing where to put windows is often a dilemma for those designing...


Elegant Entertaining Spaces

Inviting guests into any home is a time when families are in need of enough comfortable space to host, and they often design it into...


Bed and Bath

It has become normal for many people to consider that each person living in their dream home have their own bed and bath, but space...


A Private Retreat

There have been many people who have cited the noise and overpopulation of the world as a reason they need their own space at home,...


The Right Kitchen Size

There was a time a few decades ago when the living room was considered the heart of the home, but the room most often cited...

There are many people who have looked at the house they have bought and thought how wonderful it would be to start from scratch. They might imagine how the kitchen would be large enough for their entire family, or they might want a separate formal dining room. Some of them envision the family gathered in the den, and others might want some privacy when they retire to the perfect master bedroom once they have settled the children in their own rooms for the night.

It can be fun when building a dream home to imagine exactly what they would do, but the reality is filled with many decisions. If they want the kitchen to be large, will the rest of the common areas be smaller, or should they be as large. For those who have thought about it, what type of flooring would suit them best, and should they have one floor or two is another decision to be made. They might want a master bedroom suite, but they need to choose colors and a space for their teenagers. All of these are decisions they will face once they embark on their project.